Top Sustainable Clothing Brands

It use to be that buying clothes was all about getting something stylish from a trendy brand, and usually at a reasonable price (or as cheap as possible). That’s about it! But now a days, it’s hard to ignore the environmental impact that the clothing industry has on our environment, and the working conditions of it’s laborers. Enter the era of sustainable clothing brands; these are companies who aim to take into account the full lifecycle of their products, and all it’s associated inputs and outputs, and their respective impacts on the environment and their workers. Obviously it is nearly impossible for any clothing brand to not have some degree of negative impact on the environment due to its use of water, chemicals/dyes, agriculture, and waste, but at least these companies are aware of their impact and are attempting to minimize their foot print the best they possibly can.

That being said, don’t be surprised if you pay a premium for clothes that are sourced with the environment, and fair working conditions in mind. Yes, these sustainable brands tend to be more expensive compared to their fast fashion or generic counter parts; the premium is well worth the quality, and durability of their superior products. Most importantly, the environment will thank you for taking sustainability into consideration with your purchase. It truly does feel better knowing you made a purchase from a company that tries to do right by the environment, and also makes a quality stylish product that you will enjoy!

Here are the top sustainable clothing brands that you should be shopping from going forward! Treat yo self, AND the environment!

  1.  Prana: This company is all about providing comfortable, durable, and stylish clothing to the outdoor minded community. This is a company that believes in doing things the right way with fair labor practices, and sustainable inputs all throughout their supply chain. Check out their products here, they have great styles for both men and women!

  2. Nudie Jeans Co: It’s no secret that jeans are some of the most energy/resource intensive clothing garment to manufacture, so it’s great to come across a company that has aimed to change that. Nudie Jeans is all about building a sustainable denim brand, with the vast majority of their products using at least 70% sustainable fibers, and only working with Organic, Fairtrade or Recycled cotton. Nudie Jeans also reuses old jeans in their supply chain, and they also offer free repair for life! Check out their women’s and men’s styles here.

  3. Coal Tree:  Here is a brand that provides eco-minded goods for men and women, with the mountain to city lifestyle in mind. If you are looking for outerwear and accessories for your next camping trip, something to wear in the city, or to lounge around at home, this brand has you covered.  Not only does this brand produce sustainable products, but it also gives back to it’s local and global community by donating surplus fabric for blankets for the homeless, and partnering with local organizations to maintain hiking and biking trails. Check out their goods here


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