Yes, believe it or not, us vegans eat More Than Just Kale. No, we don’t just eat grass and tofu…I know, complete shocker! And no, I don’t wear patchouli oil either. BUT I sure do give a shit about what I put in my body, the wonderful animals that we get to coexist on this planet with, and the damn environment! And yes, I wish more people would care about this stuff too (go ahead, roll your eyes…”ugh what a typical vegan”).

This blog is here to serve as an information source about a variety of topics regarding a plant based lifestyle. Doesn’t matter if you are a heavy meat eater (how those meat sweats treating ya?), already a devout vegan/vegetarian, or simply someone in between.

I’ve been on this plant based journey since 2012, and I often get asked in my personal life why I choose to be vegan, how did I get to that point, why does it matter, what the hell do I eat, where do you get your protein bro, etc., etc., etc..Well, this site is here to answer all those questions, and more! Go ahead, peel back that onion (look I made a vegetable reference haaa) that is the many layers of a plant based lifestyle; I hope to share some interesting facts that will lead you to become more aware, be more informed, learn a thing or two about a plant based life, and maybe even be the slightest bit entertained. Enjoy!

– Angelo Castañeda, The Kale Chronicler


(Disclaimer: I am not a grammar or punctuation expert – so don’t judge, go bang your gavel elsewhere)