Why Your Doctor Isn’t Talking About This

If living on a plant based diet is so healthy, then why isn’t your doctor talking to you about it? That is a common question (or sentiment) among omnivores when hearing about the benefits of a plant based diet. The truth is, most doctors simply don’t have the training and knowledge of using food as medicine (I wrote about this subject in a previous post); so they can’t really discuss a plant based diet as a prescription to better health, let alone as a means to reverse many common diseases/ailments. Moreover, their practice doesn’t make any money by prescribing vegetables to patients, but they do make money by prescribing drugs – “band-aids” that simply mask symptoms, instead of actually treating the causes of sickness and disease.

Here is a great interview with Dr. Michael Greger that perfectly explains this conundrum:


Pretty interesting stuff right?! This really helps explain what is going on in the health care industry, and why none of our doctors are talking about plant based diets as a means to healthier living.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, then check out this next video with Dr. Neal Barnard discussing the same issue:

I hope the information discussed in these two videos answers the question as to why doctors don’t discuss vegan/plant based diets as a means to health. I sometimes get asked, [or teased] the question of “if being vegan or plant based is so healthy, then why wouldn’t my doctor be telling me about this”? Well, this is exactly why I am sharing this information here; I hope this helps to better understand what is really going on here. And I don’t want people to be deterred from trying a plant based diet simply because “their doctor isn’t talking about it, or recommending it.” Do your own research about a plant based diet (and always check the source)…the learning never stops!

After Party Detox

Just had a big weekend out on the town treating yourself? Well, why don’t you treat your liver! Poor thing has to process all those booze you just threw at it…he’s not too happy about it right now. Yes, I live a plant based life, and yes I do indulge in the party every now and then. For some reason some people think that all vegans don’t drink alcohol; well some do, and some don’t. I’ve never been a big drinker (usually got made fun of for being that guy who only drank like 1-2 beers and was lit), but every now and then I do like to go out with friends, have a couple cocktails, and rip up the local dance floor (this is what that looks like); good thing you don’t have to be a good dancer to enjoy the music.


(Here is a time I drank a beer – Pacifico, and yes it was vegan)

However, NOT all alcohol is actually vegan, believe it or not some alcohol is actually made with animal products such as isinglass, egg whites, and gelatins (Eeeewww). Unfortunately, most liquor, wine, and beer companies don’t label or indicate if their product is actually vegan or not. So for those of you that care (yes us weirdo vegans), here is a list of vegan liquors and beers. And here is some info on vegan wines.

So anyway, after a night of partying, I always like to negate some of the evil I put into my body. In addition to the obvious course of action like drinking plenty of fluids, replacing electrolytes (coconut water, watermelon water), drinking fresh pressed juices containing beetslemon, and ginger, I also like to add in these liver detoxers to the mix:


  • Spirulina: this is an algae super food; and you can find this in pill or powder form. Personally, I really like the brand Gaia Herbs, they seem to get the best reviews when it comes to purity, safety, and potency.
  • Chlorella: this is another algae, and can also be found in pill or powder form.
  • Liver Cleanse booster, like this one from Gaia Herbs.
  • Liver Health booster, like this one from Herb Pharma. Plus, this company’s tag line starts with “Treat Yourself…” so automatically I’m a fan!


And there you have it, in with the good, and out with the bad! Oh, and I should also mention that I don’t normally take supplements, I’m a firm believer that you can get all your vitamins and nutrients from actual real food! This [After Party Detox] is simply a once in a while thing, where I am looking to give my body a specific boost.

Lastly, since we are on the topic of alcohol, I just want to acknowledge that yes this stuff really is poison for our bodies, so be smart, and moderate. Also, in my experience I have found that there is no real magic bullet to cure or prevent a hangover; not even this After Party Detox will heal you of your hangover. But the point here is to give your body some of the best nutrients to help deal with, process, and eliminate this poison. After a certain amount, that acetaldehyde is bound to ruin your next day. The only real cure for a hangover is 1) don’t drink in the first place, 2) don’t age past 25, and 3) time (yep, you’re just gonna have to wait it out dying on your couch for the next 12-24 hrs…put on some Netflix, or the Pandora ‘Spa’ channel to help you through it). Easier said then done, but live and learn people!




Obscuring The Truth

You may have noticed that in my previous posts I have repeatedly said or posed the question: ‘why or how is it possible that this information [data supporting the evidence that a plant based diet is better for overall health] is not mainstream knowledge (yet)’? ! If a plant based diet is so much better for you, then why isn’t the general medical profession talking more about it – why hasn’t my doctor told me about this?  Well, it comes down to that fact that there just isn’t any money in prescribing a patient sweet potatoes or cranberries, but there sure as hell is plenty of money in prescribing a patient drugs! Furthermore, so much evidence out there is either obscured, or shown in such a way to be favorable [misleading] to the party actually funding the study. This simply means that you (the general public) are not getting the real objective truth!


Put another way, most animal based eaters might be thinking, ‘well if this plant based diet stuff was in fact so much better for our health, and could actually prevent and reverse major diseases, then why isn’t my doctor telling me about it?’ Well, the other reason you are not hearing it from your doctor is simply due to a lack of training in nutrition (yes, believe it or not, your average doctor does not know that much about nutrition and using food as medicine). I mean really, how much in depth knowledge about nutrition can you gain in 25 hours or training….? Answer: not much. And thus, doctor’s don’t lead with this information when it comes to consulting their patients.


So yeah, that’s why you aren’t hearing more about this food as medicine stuff, and how a plant based diet really is best for overall health. It truly is a systemic problem (see my post about the documentary Plant Pure Nation).